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See how myON helps educators and communities create personalized literacy experiences while instilling a love of reading!    

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Reading Campaign

Preview special back-to-school activities and sample resources from our reading campaign toolkit to help keep students engaged all year long! Resources for families are included, too!...


Join us for "Take the 20 Minute Reading Challenge – Gaining Momentum with Special Education Learners," a 30-minute webinar on Friday, October 14, at 11:30 am Central Time.  

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Flip through our digital catalog for information about all the great content available from Capstone and our respected Partner Publishers.

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Manor ISD Adopts myON to Close Literacy Gap

The Texas District of Innovation will use the personalized learning environment to help students learn to read in early childhood programs and in grades K through 8 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) September 20, 2016 – myON, a business...

Today we celebrate
Jimmy Carter's Birthday
U.S. Presidents: Truth and Rumors
Celebrate Jimmy Carter's birthday by learning which stories about American presidents are true and which are just tall tales.

August House: Little Folk

August House is a highly acclaimed award-winning publisher of picture books, folktale anthologies, and scary stories. With over 300 prestigious awards, August House Little Folk expands its rich history of storytelling into age-appropriate...