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The myON team provides a series of fun, themed campaigns to encourage students to keep reading year-round — and help the adults in their families and communities support them — particularly during those important out-of-school hours. Here is our current campaign.
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Cyndi Lauper's Birthday
The Sleepover
Today is Cyndi Lauper's birthday, best known for her song, Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Get out there and have some fun girls!

The Edvocate’s 2017 EdTech 10: A Ranking of Global Edtech Companies

The Edvocate | June 21, 2017 Every day, technology innovations transform the way people learn and how educators teach. In the last few years, the edtech field has attracted a lot of talented people, all with excellent knowledge bases and ideas. Though the edtech industry has been around for a few decades now, the last few years, in particular, have seen a surge in investment from both school...