Get Georgia Reading

Thanks for reading with myON during Summer 2016!  

We are pleased to share that students read 250,931 books -- well over the 200,000 book goal!   

And, they logged 55,871 hours of reading between April 15 and August 31!  

About our partnership 

Free and unlimited, 24x7 access to myON, which features thousands of enhanced digital books*, is available through a partnership between Get Georgia Reading – Georgia Campaign for Grade Level Reading and myON.

All educators, librarians, students and parents in Georgia who are not currently reading with myON through their own individual accounts read myON books using a special, shared account set up for this partnership. 

Read anywhere and anytime 

At home or school, in the library, or other community settings. Days, evenings, weekends, holidays and school breaks! Read online on any Internet-enabled device and offline using free mobile apps for Android devices, iPads and Chromebooks. Click here to be sure your system is myON-ready. 

For additional information about myON

Please contact Saralee Parker, Account Manager, by email or call her at 678-910-6661.  

 * myON books form the core content of the myON personalized literacy environment with embedded metrics to monitor student reading and growth.