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Check out our guide for ways to further engage your ELL population in literacy.

Check out our guide for ways to further engage your ELL population in literacy.
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Learn how myON seamlessly measures reading with reading, not just quiz scores!

measures reading with reading

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Title I funds can be used to help students learn to read and read to learn with myON.  Here's how. 

The myON team provides a series of fun, themed campaigns to encourage students to keep reading year-round.

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This , the team is thankful for the opportunities they have each day to impact in children across the world. http://owl.li/jGWw30gLpJ0  Thank you to the entire myON team!

Read about this somber day in history and a selection of people who experienced the event in the !

Working together to read & write about a topic.

While traditional methods of measuring reading rely on quizzes and end-of-year results, new technologies like those that underpin myON enable seamless measurement to monitor student engagement and reading growth as they occur, all year long! More info --> http://ow.ly/Dk6t30gJ4nS 

Thomas Edison introduced the phonograph on this day in history. Learn about the life of this amazing inventor and his many inventions.

Twas the day before Thanksgiving break WE are READING.... Buddy Rdg... Rdg... Independent Rdg... Checking out books📚📚 and finding more 📚📚...

We can support your ELL students! Check it out--> http://www2.myon.com/ELLGuide 

Celebrating 100% on a myON quiz?! Congratulations Reagan ! https://twitter.com/perry5th/status/932639992232448001 …

Read this book to exam animal rights. Help bring awareness during this week for human & animal relationships for creating a better community.

saved me, I put the kids on so that I could watch football!

Happy Thanksgiving from myON!

In the crazy hustle and bustle of life, Thanksgiving gives us the perfect opportunity to slow down and reflect. This Thanksgiving, the myON team is thankful for the opportunities we have each day to impact literacy in children across the world....

In This Digital Age, myON Keeps Students Reading

Nibletz | November 7, 2017

By: Andrea Barker

myON Continues To Innovate, So Kids Continue To Fall In Love With Reading

Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, Dr. Seuss, all of those are titles that many of us grew up...

Today we observe

Read this fiction book about Gus and his friend Bean as they gather vegetables for Thanksgiving.