What is myON

A personalized literacy platform that offers learners easy access to great content!

The myON digital book library, containing thousands of enhanced and age-appropriate titles for PreK-12, is dynamically matched to each individual learner’s interests, grade and Lexile® reading level. Available 24/7 year-round.
myON News, a daily publication of developmentally appropriate articles and related multi-media resources, is based upon current events and written just for K-8. Delivered 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
A digital library of enhanced reading content for PreK–Grade 12.

When it comes to digital content for learners in PreK through Grade 12, there’s no match for myON.

Our personalized literacy environment includes enhanced digital texts from respected publishers in a mix of fiction and non-fiction – with optional reading supports and a suite of reading and writing tools that foster deep connections to the text — all on the same digital platform.

Daily news articles written just for K-8 students.

myON News delivers authentic reporting on timely topics and current events through a series of five daily news articles, 52 weeks a year.

Articles are written by professional journalists and reviewed by a child psychologist for age-appropriateness. Every article is written at 3 Lexile® levels, with audio supports and engaging multimedia to further student understanding.

Literacy tools to support development of reading and writing skills.

Because learners have their own copies of the books within myON, they can use built-in reading and writing tools to interact with the text in ways that would not be permitted or even possible with shared physical texts or e-book subscriptions.

These tools can be incorporated into a complete literacy curriculum that enables teachers to create personalized assignments within the myON environment, and review and respond directly to each student's work within the marked-up version of the text.

Evidence-based approach built upon the Lexile® Framework for Reading.

Findings from our partners at MetaMetrics, creators of the Lexile® Framework for Reading, and other experts show that children are more engaged and grow as readers when they read books that match their interests and are in their target Lexile® range.

myON incorporates the Lexile® Framework to provide learners with recommended reading lists that meet their interests and are challenging, but not frustrating.

Progress monitoring and assessments to measure engagement and growth.

myON measures reading with reading and provides answers to commonly-asked questions about student reading engagement that offer important insights into whether students are on the path to reading proficiency and growth.

Embedded Lexile® assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes within the myON environment enable seamless measurement of student growth.

Actionable reports that inform instruction and support program accountability.

A series of 12 reports captures student engagement and growth in a variety of ways. Each report is designed to give educators customized information on student progress in these key categories: Usage and Proficiency, Growth Over Time, and Habits and Trends.

The standard layout for all reports within myON makes it quick and easy for educators and administrators to set parameters. Flexibility within the reporting system enables users to customize the ways in which the information is presented within the report. An option to set goals and generate reports to measure progress toward them is also available.

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Best Practices

Check out our guide for ways to further engage your ELL population in literacy.

Check out our guide for ways to further engage your ELL population in literacy.
Special Programs

myON directly supports the goals of 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs. Read more.

Bring myON to your 21st Century Community Learning Centers
Real-time Data

Learn how myON seamlessly measures reading with reading, not just quiz scores!

measures reading with reading

Title I funds can be used to help students learn to read and read to learn with myON.  Here's how. 

There’s nothing like a personalized literacy experience to foster a love of reading ... 

Help learners explore the books they love on myON this month!   

  • 5 Daily Articles — Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year
  • Available in English, Spanish and French — With optional audio support
  • Safe and Appropriate Content — Reviewed by a Child Psychologist
  • Real Time Data — Visibility into student engagement
  • Fun and Interactive — Experience videos, slide shows, maps & more!
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