Apache Resistance: Causes and Effects of Geronimo's Campaign

Monday, March 27, 2017
Geronimo Surrenders to US Army
On this day in 1886, Apache leader, Geronimo, surrendered to the US Army. Learn how this affected the Apaches and changed the United States!

The Apache of the American Southwest had long been in conflict with Mexican and U.S. soldiers and settlers by the time Geronimo began resisting these forces. The Apache warrior and his followers spent decades fighting to remain free and in control of their vast lands. The last stage of the long-running resistance began about 1877 when U.S. troops rounded up the Apache and moved them to a reservation. Unable to tolerate life there, Geronimo and his followers escaped several times, fleeing to the hills and their traditional ways. Each time they were captured and brought back. Geronimo surrendered for the last time in 1886 and Apache resistance collapsed. How would it affect the lives of the Apache and change the United States?

Author Dell, Pamela
Pages 32 pages
Genre Nonfiction
Reading level 3-4
Interest level 3-6
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ATOS 5.8
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