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Dawn Publications is dedicated to inspiring in children a deeper understanding and appreciation for all life on Earth. Aims to help parents and teachers encourage children to bond with the Earth in a relationship of love, respect, and intelligent cooperation through the books they publish.

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Creative nonfiction titles providing a wealth of knowledge about the environment.


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A Drop Around the World
Cover for A Drop Around the World

A Drop Around the World

Author: McKinney, Barbara Shaw

This book is a year-after-year favorite with teachers. It engagingly leads readers around the world following a drop of water--whether as steam or snow, inside a plant or animal, or underground--teaching the wonders and importance of the water cycle. (There is lots of geography, too.) Four pages of science about the qualities of water are included.

ISBN: 9781584692232
McKinney, Barbara Shaw
32 724 sec 2-8 820L Nonfiction
Around One Cactus
Cover for Around One Cactus

Around One Cactus: Owls, Bats and Leaping Rats

Author: Fredericks, Anthony D.

This wonderful book is natural science - in this case, about desert animals - with a flair. A boy walks up to an impressive saguaro cactus and wonders who could be living on this arid ground? As night falls, he walks away. And then the place comes alive! A haven for creatures in a waterless land. The entertaining, repetitive rhyme is an attention-grabbing read-aloud that culminates in successful learning. Field Notes at the end of the book describe the animals in detail and include an unusual fact.

ISBN: 9781584691969
Fredericks, Anthony D.
32 439 sec 2-6 1280L Nonfiction
Around One Log
Cover for Around One Log

Around One Log: Chipmunks, Spiders, and Creepy Insiders

Author: Fredericks, Anthony D.

Years after a great oak tree tumbled to the ground, a whole community of animals made it their home. Roly-polies and daddy longlegs prowled here and there, while chipmunks and salamanders dashed everywhere. Question: Is the old tree alive? Or is it now dead? This lighthearted book offers a marvelous insight into a unique and easily-accessible community of forest animals. Jennifer DiRubbio’s vivid close-up illustrations bring these fascinating creatures to life. Parents and teachers: the author offers over a dozen "activities, projects, and lots of cool ideas" ranging from suggestions for an animal diary, readers theatre, finger play, and much more that will help make learning fun.

ISBN: 9781584691976
Fredericks, Anthony D.
32 494 sec 2-6 930L Nonfiction
Eliza and the Dragonfly
Cover for Eliza and the Dragonfly

Eliza and the Dragonfly

Author: Rinehart, Susie Caldwell

This book is a rare find, well deserving of the prestigious Picture Book of the Year award from CBC-NSTA. The science about dragonflies is perfectly integrated into a story in which the remarkable metamorphosis of a dragonfly from a mucky nymph ("Eeeewww," says Eliza) to a beautiful winged creature ("Magnificent!" says Aunt Doris) is a metaphor for the magic of how Eliza, too, is growing up. Teachers will find it useful primarily in an elementary science unit on insects, life cycles and habitats, but also for language arts lessons in theme, symbolism, and metaphor. The watercolor illustrations are rich, whimsical, and fun. There are two pages of additional science in the back. This is an exceptional example of creative non-fiction writing.

ISBN: 9781584692836
Rinehart, Susie Caldwell
32 624 sec 1-6 580L Nonfiction
Forest Bright, Forest Night
Cover for Forest Bright, Forest Night

Forest Bright, Forest Night

Author: Ward, Jennifer

Someone is always awake in the forest--and someone else is always asleep! Some animals are alert in daytime and sleep at night. Others are alert at night, and are sleepyheads during the day. Plus be sure to count the animals. Teachers: this book is a very pleasant way to combine science and literature.

ISBN: 9781584692898
Ward, Jennifer
32 138 sec 1-5 700L Nonfiction
Gobble, Gobble
Cover for Gobble, Gobble

Gobble, Gobble

Author: Falwell, Cathryn

Arrow-shaped footprints lead a young backyard naturalist to a flock of funny-looking birds with big strong feet: Wild Turkeys! Once nearly extinct, these comical critters now gobble their way across North America. Follow Jenny through a year of enchantment as she shares her discovery of these wonderful birds. Gobble, gobble! Jenny wrote a journal, too, with lots of fascinating stuff about a distinctly American bird. Although it once numbered in the millions, wild turkeys nearly disappeared with overhunting and habitat destruction, but are now making a comeback. The illustrations are block prints over collages. The collages are made from cut and torn paper plus all sorts of things from nature—bark, leaves, feathers, even wasp nests! The author also offers tips for children to make their own cut-paper pictures and how to keep a nature journal.

ISBN: 9781584692263
Falwell, Cathryn
32 129 sec 1-5 500L Nonfiction
Going Around the Sun
Cover for Going Around the Sun

Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Marianne Berkes has a gift for making science fun, and this book is exhibit A. Mother sun and her "family" of planets spin, roll, tilt, blow and whirl around the Sun to the tune of Over in the Meadow. Each of those actions is astronomically correct. For example, Earth is the one that tilts, and that is what creates the seasons. It is also astronomically up-to-date, with Pluto being a dwarf planet. Bright illustrations create an exciting mood, and there is plenty of interesting supplementary information in the back along with tips on related ways to integrate science, art, and literature in the classroom.

ISBN: 9781584691860
Berkes, Marianne
32 249 sec 2-6 640L Nonfiction
Going Home
Cover for Going Home

Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Teachers! This book is like a whole unit on migration wrapped in a winning combination of easy verse, factual language, and beautiful illustrations. For animals, migration is a powerful compulsion to travel, sometimes over long distances, often skipping many meals. Sometimes, as in the case of the monarch butterfly, a round-trip takes several generations. Why do they do it? How do they succeed? The ten featured species offer a broad representation of migration: loggerhead turtles, monarch butterflies, manatees, ruby-throated hummingbirds, Pacific salmon, Canada geese, California gray whales, caribou, Arctic tern, and emperor penguin. The book is loaded with additional tips for teachers. Once again Marianne Berkes combines her teaching, writing, and theatrical skills to combine entertainment with education--creative non-fiction at its best.

ISBN: 9781584691884
Berkes, Marianne
32 480 sec 2-7 790L Nonfiction
Granny's Clan
Cover for Granny's Clan

Granny's Clan: A Tale of Wild Orcas

Author: Hodson, Dr. Sally

Just imagine - you are a young orca whale. Your special friends are two cousins and your 100 year-old great grandmother, the clan leader. You learn to play with them, face danger with them, hunt with them - and even go people-watching with them! Based on actual orca, or killer whale, research, this book combines science with the real story of how family, friendship, and a grandmother’s love are helping this magnificent but endangered orca clan to survive.

ISBN: 9781584692317
Hodson, Dr. Sally
32 665 sec 2-6 690L Nonfiction
In a Nutshell
Cover for In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Author: Anthony, Joseph

Here, in luminous illustrations, is the life cycle of an oak--and how it supports life even after it is gone. An acorn drops from a great oak and grows. Animals nibble at it, a fire threatens it, but overcoming many challenges it eventually towers high in the forest, observing the changing human scene below. Eventually its energy passes into many other life forms--even the cherry pie enjoyed by the boy in the house below.

ISBN: 9781584691464
Anthony, Joseph
32 266 sec 1-6 540L Nonfiction
In One Tidepool
Cover for In One Tidepool

In One Tidepool: Crabs, Snails and Salty Tails

Author: Fredericks, Anthony D.

Go on a field trip between two covers with Tony to a special, brilliant habitat, a tidepool. A whole community of creatures lives there! Humor, a fun rhyme, good science, and brilliant illustrations come together in a clear, easily understood package. Two pages of Field Notes and fun facts at the back of the book offer intriguing glimpses of these creatures, from snails to sponges.

ISBN: 9781584691945
Fredericks, Anthony D.
32 485 sec 2-6 Nonfiction
In the Trees, Honey Bees
Cover for In the Trees, Honey Bees

In the Trees, Honey Bees

Author: Mortensen, Lori

Here is the ideal introduction for preschoolers and early elementary children to insects that are not only amazing but also critically important to humans. Inside-the-hive views of a wild colony of honey bees offer close-ups of the queen, the cells, even bee eggs. Simple verse will engage a young child, while sidebars with fascinating information satisfy the somewhat older child. Parents, teachers, and interested children will enjoy much more information about both wild and domestic hives in the back of the book. The detailed art shimmers with life, highlighting each hair or grain of pollen on the bees. A wild hive in a tree in her own backyard served as a model for the artist!

ISBN: 9781584692713
Mortensen, Lori
32 320 sec 2-6 650L Nonfiction
Molly’s Organic Farm
Cover for Molly’s Organic Farm

Molly’s Organic Farm

Author: Malnor, Carol L.

Whoosh . . . the wind blows open a creaky gate. Inquisitive and mischievous, a homeless little cat scampers through - and suddenly finds herself in the wondrous world of an organic farm! Affectionately named "Molly" by the farmers who discover her, she romps, naps, and hunts among the vegetables. Seen through Molly’s eyes, the reader discovers the interplay of nature that grows wholesome food. But what will happen to Molly when winter comes? Based on a true story, Molly will touch children’s hearts while introducing them to plants and the key elements of growing food organically. Standards-based science concepts and activities at the end of the book expand the message of the story.

ISBN: 9781584692294
Malnor, Carol L.
32 428 sec 2-6 680L Nonfiction
Nature's Patchwork Quilt
Cover for Nature's Patchwork Quilt

Nature's Patchwork Quilt: Understanding Habitats

Author: Miche', Mary

Just imagine all of nature - mountains, prairies, oceans, and all - lying on your bed as a patchwork quilt! Take flora and fauna in their unique habitats, fold them up and you have a book, this book. Earth’s major habitats are spread before you, ready to be examined. Here in this beautiful package are revealed the key concepts of natural science. This patchwork quilt of nature covers the whole Earth, your home - yours to learn about, to enjoy, to care for, and to love.

ISBN: 9781584692300
Miche', Mary
32 499 sec 2-8 890L Nonfiction
Near One Cattail
Cover for Near One Cattail

Near One Cattail: Turtles, Logs and Leaping Frogs

Author: Fredericks, Anthony D.

Teachers! Here is another field trips between covers from Tony Fredericks, a funny but very astute professor. Here he visits wetlands inhabited by leaping frogs and zip-zipping dragonflies. Teachers will appreciate the accurate science and great illustrations. Kids will appreciate the humor and cadence of the text, while learning how the wetland creatures interact in their community. Two pages of Field Notes and fun facts at the back of the book offer intriguing information on these creatures.

ISBN: 9781584691983
Fredericks, Anthony D.
32 508 sec 2-6 Nonfiction
On One Flower
Cover for On One Flower

On One Flower: Butterflies, Ticks and a Few More Icks

Author: Fredericks, Anthony D.

Teachers, here is an elementary insect field trip between covers from Tony Fredericks, a funny but very astute professor. The trip takes place all on one flower, a goldenrod, which is practically a minibeast park. A butterfly sipping nectar . . . a ladybug snacking on aphids . . . oh ladybug, look out for the ambush bug! Dr. Fredericks focuses on the whole plant-and-animal community inhabiting a single flower. Two pages of Field Notes and fun facts at the back of the book offer intriguing information on these creatures.

ISBN: 9781584691952
Fredericks, Anthony D.
32 482 sec 2-6 Nonfiction
Over in Australia
Cover for Over in Australia

Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Australian animals are unique. Their babies may be riding in mama’s pouch, or hitching a ride on daddy, piggy-back! Children will sing, clap and count to the rhyme of "Over in the Meadow" as they learn about wallabies, koalas, wombats, and more. Cut-paper illustrations add to the fun.

ISBN: 9781584691853
Berkes, Marianne
32 264 sec 1-4 660L Nonfiction
Over in the Arctic
Cover for Over in the Arctic

Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Winds Blow

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Teachers and parents, here is another favorite from Marianne, who has a special talent. The kids think it is entertainment while teachers and parents think it is a great lesson about the Arctic! This book combines singing, counting, and full-body action with terrific cut-paper illustrations that kids will want to imitate. Over in the Arctic, the snow goose honks and the wolf howls. Children too will joyfully honk and howl while they count the baby animals and sing to the tune of Over in the Meadow. And they will hunt for hidden animals on each page. A big plus for educators are several pages of extension ideas for curriculum and art projects as well as resources on the web and elsewhere.

ISBN: 9781584691846
Berkes, Marianne
32 252 sec 1-4 650L Nonfiction
Over in the Forest
Cover for Over in the Forest

Over in the Forest: Come and Take a Peek

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Jump like a squirrel, dunk like a raccoon, and . . . uh-oh . . . watch out for the skunk! Children learn the ways of forest animals to the rhythm of "Over in the Meadow" in this delightful introduction to the woodland habitat. They will also count the babies and search for hidden animals. And when they see how each illustration is made from cut paper, they may be inspired to try cut-paper art, too.

ISBN: 9781584691839
Berkes, Marianne
32 262 sec 1-4 620L Nonfiction
Over in the Jungle
Cover for Over in the Jungle

Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Teachers and parents, here is the easiest, most entertaining way ever to teach about this important habitat. The special talent of this author is entertaining kids while the adults think it is a lesson about the rainforest. Kids will sing, clap, and count their way among monkeys that hoot, ocelots that pounce, parrots that squawk, and boas that squeeze! It will not take much to have your child joyfully hooting and squawking too. And the illustrations are painstakingly all done in polymer clay and then photographed, giving a 3-D effect. They are truly remarkable, vividly conveying the abundant energy of a rainforest, and will inspire many an art project. Plus there are several pages of extension ideas for curriculum and art projects as well as resources on the web and elsewhere.

ISBN: 9781584691686
Berkes, Marianne
32 242 sec 1-4 610L Nonfiction
Over in the Ocean
Cover for Over in the Ocean

Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Teachers and parents, take note: this book is already a classic. Two geniuses--author and illustrator--came into perfect alignment to create this book. The author has kids thinking it is entertainment while adults think it is a great lesson about the ocean. The genius of the illustrator is obvious. With painstaking detail each illustration is created entirely of polymer clay, then photographed, creating a 3-D impression of tremendous vitality. Kids will sing, clap, and count their way among pufferfish that puff, grunt fish that grunt, and seahorses that flutter, and begin to appreciate life in the ocean. And the art will inspire many a project. Plus there are several pages of extension ideas for curriculum and art projects as well as resources on the web and elsewhere.

ISBN: 9781584691396
Berkes, Marianne
36 249 sec 1-4 600L Nonfiction
Pass the Energy, Please!
Cover for Pass the Energy, Please!

Pass the Energy, Please!

Author: McKinney, Barbara Shaw

Here is a favorite of elementary science teachers for the food chain. Each of the creatures passes the energy in its own unique way. In this upbeat rhyming story, the food chain connects herbivores, carnivores, insects and plants together in a fascinating circle of players. All beings on Earth--from the anchovy to the zooplankton--depend upon the green plant, which is the hero of the story. The special talent of the author shines again (see also A Drop Around the World) for being able to present the science curriculum so concisely, creatively, and cleverly. A 48-page Teacher Guide based on the book is also available.

ISBN: 9781584692225
McKinney, Barbara Shaw
32 833 sec 3-8 1010L Nonfiction
Seashells by the Seashore
Cover for Seashells by the Seashore

Seashells by the Seashore

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Both classroom teachers and vacationing parents will find this little book to be a charmer. Counting from one to twelve, Sue picks up shells--periwinkle, kittens paw, scallop--and carefully adds them to her bucket as a gift for Grandma. She and her friend identify the shells, and when they discover one that still has the mollusk living inside they put it back in the water--learning that shells are actually the abandoned homes of sea animals--but sometimes the animal is still home! The paperback edition contains a tear-out shell identification card to enhance the hands-on lesson in simple wonders from nature.

ISBN: 9781584691877
Berkes, Marianne
32 242 sec 2-6 Nonfiction
The Dandelion Seed
Cover for The Dandelion Seed

The Dandelion Seed

Author: Anthony, Joseph

A dandelion can teach much about seeds and seasons and cycles, and the big world that a wind-blown seed can travel, but it also can make us appreciate the challenges it must overcome. This gorgeous book is at once simple and profound. You may be surprised and pleased by the questions and observations of your children after reading this together.

ISBN: 9781584692652
Anthony, Joseph
32 182 sec 1-6 490L Nonfiction
Under One Rock
Cover for Under One Rock

Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs & Other Ughs

Author: Fredericks, Anthony D.

Elementary science teachers! Here is a low-cost field trip between covers from Tony Fredericks, a funny but very astute professor. Plus, the habitat lies under just about every rock. A whole community of insects and other creatures lives under rocks--worms and ants, spiders and slugs, crickets and beetles. Dr. Fredericks focuses on the whole community of neighbors where the ground beneath a big old rock is home to them all. Two pages of Field Notes and fun facts at the back of the book offer intriguing information on these creatures.

ISBN: 9781584691938
Fredericks, Anthony D.
32 477 sec 2-6 Nonfiction
All Around Me, I See
Cover for All Around Me, I See

All Around Me, I See

Author: Steinberg, Laya

Nature comes alive to a curious young girl in this gently rhyming, delightfully imaginative book. She notices everything around her with awe: "A rock is an island for a frog . . . a turtle makes a bridge from a log . . . the sky is a place to be free . . . the Earth is a home for me." This book combines the best of fiction and nonfiction, and shows the joy of discovering the beauty of nature.

ISBN: 9781584693093
Steinberg, Laya
32 129 sec 1-5 350L Nonfiction
Amy's Light
Cover for Amy's Light

Amy's Light

Author: Nutt, Robert

Remember the wonder and innocence of catching fireflies as they dance through the summer nights? Here is an opportunity to share the magical experience with your children. Amy is afraid of dark shadows in her bedroom, but notices a slight glow in the back yard. With exuberance she catches fireflies in a jar, only to find their lights go dim until they are free again--and finds that her fear of the dark is gone too. The photo-illustrations are lifelike yet dreamy. A wonderful read-aloud.

ISBN: 9781584693178
Nutt, Robert
44 274 sec 1-5 970L Nonfiction
If You Give a T-Rex a Bone
Cover for If You Give a T-Rex a Bone

If You Give a T-Rex a Bone:

Author: Myers, Tim

So you'd like to go back in time to see real dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles? Yes, that would be very cool. And if you start by giving a T-Rex a bone, things will be, well - interesting. Dangerously interesting! So go ahead - offer him that bone and see what happens. Along the way you're bound to encounter many other animals from the past, creatures wild and amazing. Dangerously amazing!

ISBN: 9781584693031
Myers, Tim
32 395 sec 2-6 740L Nonfiction
If You Were My Baby
Cover for If You Were My Baby

If You Were My Baby: A Wildlife Lullaby

Author: Hodgkins, Fran

Here is a unique blend of love song and natural fact, celebrating the care that exists between the parents and offspring of many species. Baby mountain goat is guided up high cliffs. Baby beaver learns to build well. Baby bat is held in mother’s protective embrace, upside-down. And YOUR baby, too, will feel the comfort and delight of nature’s wonders. Here is a "sweet dream bedtime" book for nature lovers of all generations!

ISBN: 9781584693062
Hodgkins, Fran
32 183 sec 1-5 1050L Nonfiction
Noisy Bug Sing-Along
Cover for Noisy Bug Sing-Along

Noisy Bug Sing-Along

Author: Himmelman, John

Listen to the "buggy" concert happening in your yard, or in the fields and woods nearby. What insects are making those sounds? Learn who is making what sound, and why. Sing along with them! This book is a wonderful introduction to the noisy, busy world of insects.

ISBN: 9781584692775
Himmelman, John
32 162 sec 1-6 1.7 590L Nonfiction
River Song
Cover for River Song

River Song: With the Banana Slug String Band (Includes Music CD)

Author: Van Zandt, Steve

From the trickle of snowmelt to the roar of the ocean, River Song celebrates rivers as a fascinating, ever-changing source of life and joy. It also introduces the young reader to vocabulary such as eddy, riffle and meander, and tells about some of the plants, animals, and insects that depend on the river.The author is not only an award-winning environmental educator and river guide, but also member of the famed Banana Slug String Band.

ISBN: 9781584693123
Van Zandt, Steve
32 501 sec 2-6 1110L Nonfiction
What’s In the Garden?
Cover for What’s In the Garden?

What’s In the Garden?

Author: Berke, Marianne

Good food doesn’t begin on a store shelf with a box. It comes from a garden bursting with life, color, sounds, smells, sunshine, moisture, birds, and bees! Healthy foods become much more interesting when children know where they come from. So what’s in the garden? Kids will find a variety of fruits and vegetables, and a tasty, kid-friendly recipe for each one to start a lifetime of good eating. A "food for thought" section presents interesting facts about each fruit and vegetable, and a "how does your garden grow?" section explains facts about gardening and the parts of plants.

ISBN: 9781584692805
Berke, Marianne
32 268 sec 1-6 710L Nonfiction
Born With a Bang
Cover for Born With a Bang

Born With a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story

Author: Morgan, Jennifer

Here is the "autobiography" of the universe - the early history of the universe narrated by the universe itself. Beginning with the big bang and ending with the formation of Earth, this first volume of a trilogy is a thrilling story of chaos and creativity. Particles become galaxies. Mother stars explode in supernovas, creating elements, the building blocks of life. Morgan studied at Princeton and has a degree in theology from the University of San Francisco.

ISBN: 9781584691402
Morgan, Jennifer
48 1684 sec 4-7 4.6 730L Nonfiction
Cover for Stickeen

Stickeen: John Muir and the Brave Little Dog

Author: Rubay, Donnell

This true tale actually happened in Alaska to the famous naturalist, John Muir, and it became what he called the most memorable of all his wild days. One day, Muir set out to explore a huge glacier during a blizzard. Stickeen--an aloof little dog belonging to a fellow traveler--insisted on going along. They become stranded on the glacier. The only way out was over a precarious ice bridge, dangerous for a man and almost impossible for a dog. When, amazingly, they both escape, Stickeen’s aloofness is replaced by rapturous adoration for Muir. The author skillfully weaves Muir’s own words, the illustrations are extraordinary, and the result is a classic.

ISBN: 9781584692744
Rubay, Donnell
32 1157 sec 2-8 4.4 670L Nonfiction
From Lava to Life
Cover for From Lava to Life

From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story

Author: Morgan, Jennifer

"Once upon a time" meets science in a children's picture book that tells the thrilling story of how life began on Earth. The second in a trilogy of Universe stories - the first being "Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story"-- this book picks up the story with the first appearance of life on Earth. It's a thrilling story about how Earth triumphs over crisis to become bacteria, jellyfish, flowers . . . even dinosaurs! The author, Jennifer Morgan, studied evolutionary science and saw its storytelling possibilities when she explained it to her elementary-age son. Coupled with brilliant artwork by Dana Anderson, who also studied Cosmology, these books will intrigue children and adults alike with their storytelling style and colorful pages.

ISBN: 9781584692973
Morgan, Jennifer
48 1856 sec 4-7 4.7 790L Nonfiction
Mammals Who Morph
Cover for Mammals Who Morph

Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story

Author: Morgan, Jennifer

This remarkable evolution series, narrated by the Universe itself, concludes with this third book, the amazing story of mammals and humans. It picks up after From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story with the extinction of dinosaurs, and tells how tiny mammals survived and morphed into lots of new Earthlings … horses, whales and a kind of mammal with a powerful imagination--you! It is a story of chaos, creativity and heroes--the greatest adventure on Earth! And it is a personal story . . . about our bodies, our minds, and spirits. It is our story. As the president of the American Montessori Society said, These books are alive with wonder, radiance, and deep relevance.

ISBN: 9781584693000
Morgan, Jennifer
48 1993 sec 4-7 4.7 750L Nonfiction
The Prairie that Nature Built
Cover for The Prairie that Nature Built

The Prairie that Nature Built

Author: Lorbiecki, Marybeth

A wild prairie is a lively place in this rhythmic romp with munchers and crunchers above and below the grasses so thick, and fires that flare, and rains that quench—and always the prairie grows green. Back matter offers information and activities for a fuller appreciation of this marvelous, disappearing habitat.

ISBN: 9781584694939
Lorbiecki, Marybeth
32 377 sec 2-6 1110L Nonfiction
Salmon Stream
Cover for Salmon Stream

Salmon Stream

Author: Reed-Jones, Carol

Named a prestigious CBC/NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book, this is a poetic yet accurate description of the life cycle of salmon. For kids, it is fun and eye-opening. For teachers, it is a valuable supplement to a unit on water, fish and ocean animals, and life cycles. Fast-paced prose and brilliant illustrations follow the salmon from their form as eggs in a stream to the wide ocean, eventually making a hazardous journey home to their stream of origin. As in her earlier best-selling book, The Tree in the Ancient Forest, author Carol Reed-Jones uses cumulative verse--a literary technique that is not only enjoyable but suggests how interconnected salmon are with their habitat. At the back is a section on salmon facts and what makes a good habitat for them, teaching the basics of ecology and why clean streams and waters are so important.

ISBN: 9781584692867
Reed-Jones, Carol
32 352 sec 3-8 5.6 1060L Nonfiction
Do Animals Have Feelings, Too?
Cover for Do Animals Have Feelings, Too?

Do Animals Have Feelings, Too?

Author: Rice, David

This collection of true stories of animal behavior is not only captivating and thought-provoking, but also a terrific way for teachers and parents to have children to consider feelings--whether animal or human. A young antelope was being dragged into a river by a crocodile. A nearby hippopotamus saw what was happening and charged the croc, which released the antelope. The hippo gently pulled the antelope up the riverbank, comforting and protecting it until it died. Was this compassion? A zoo monkey routinely used a banana to bribe a moose to carry him across a moat designed to keep him confined to a small island. Was this cleverness?

ISBN: 9781584692683
Rice, David
32 2942 sec 2-8 5.8 930L Nonfiction
The Dandelion Seed's Big Dream
Cover for The Dandelion Seed's Big Dream

The Dandelion Seed's Big Dream

Author: Anthony, Joseph

Consider the dandelion. It lives life fully, flies with beauty, survives storms, endures darkness, never gives up. It is one of nature’s greatest success stories. Like dandelions, each of us can make the world a brighter place. The trick is to bloom right where we are. Back matter includes information and activities about dandelions and weeds, seed dispersal, and the theme of courage, patience, and perseverance.

ISBN: 9781584694984
Anthony, Joseph
32 170 sec 2-6 370L Nonfiction
Pitter and Patter
Cover for Pitter and Patter

Pitter and Patter

Author: Sullivan, Martha

Take a ride with Pitter on a water cycle! You’ll go through a watershed, down, around and up again. How about going with Patter? You’ll even go underground. Oh, the places you’ll go and the creatures you’ll see. A water drop is a wonderfully adventurous thing to be!

ISBN: 9781584695103
Sullivan, Martha
32 201 sec 2-6 1.8 300L Nonfiction
Noisy Bird Sing-Along
Cover for Noisy Bird Sing-Along

Noisy Bird Sing-Along

Author: Himmelman, John

Every kind of bird has their very own kind of sound! Cheerful sounds, mournful sounds, sweet sounds, weird sounds. You can tell who they are without even opening your eyes. And what fun to sing along!

ISBN: 9781584695158
Himmelman, John
32 244 sec 1-6 750L Nonfiction
This is the Sea that Feeds Us
Cover for This is the Sea that Feeds Us

This is the Sea that Feeds Us

Author: Baldwin, Robert F.

From the delightful opening verse of this poetic nonfiction book, the reader learns the important concept that plankton is the first link in the ocean food chain. The rhyming text continues and covers each link--the shrimp who eats the plankton, the sea bass who eats the shrimp and the humans who catch the sea bass for dinner. This is a wonderful resource for studies on ocean plankton, habitats, and food chains.

ISBN: 9781584693536
Baldwin, Robert F.
32 376 sec 2-8 5.5 1110L Nonfiction
The Forever Forest
Cover for The Forever Forest

The Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical Treasure

Author: Pratt-Serafini, Kristin Joy

The 54,000-acre Childrens Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica began with a few kids and a bake sale. Word spread, and children from over 44 countries raised the funds to make it happen. Here is its story with a fresh twist, as young Peter discovers that his mother was one of those original kids. What a terrific way to learn both about cooperation and a magnificent habitat!

ISBN: 9781584693628
Pratt-Serafini, Kristin Joy
32 1892 sec 3-6 950L Nonfiction
Cover for Motherlove


Author: Kroll, Virginia

The love of a mother is a truly remarkable thing -- in both humans an animals. It gives and forgives, directs and protects, and puts the heart in a home. I rhyming verse, this book captures the many special qualities of motherlove.

ISBN: 9781584694458
Kroll, Virginia
32 568 sec 1-5 5.4 1050L Nonfiction
Over on a Mountain
Cover for Over on a Mountain

Over on a Mountain: Somewhere in the World

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Discover twenty cool animals, ten great mountain ranges, and seven continents all in one story! And do it in the age-old style of children the world over - by clapping, counting, singing, and acting like . . . Well, animals! What fun!

ISBN: 9781584695202
Berkes, Marianne
32 274 sec 1-5 690L Nonfiction
Noisy Frog Sing-Along
Cover for Noisy Frog Sing-Along

Noisy Frog Sing-Along

Author: Himmelman, John

When frogs get together, they love to sing! They fill their big, bulgy throat pouch with air and sing out loud. Some peep, some trill, some growl, some creek, and some go WAAH, WAAH, WAAH! It’s a chorus that happens near almost every pond and stream. Learn more about these delightful creatures—and sing along with them!

ISBN: 9781584693413
Himmelman, John
32 199 sec 1-6 570L Nonfiction
Over in a River
Cover for Over in a River

Over in a River: Flowing Out to the Sea

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Rivers are teeming with life! Children will learn the geography of North American rivers and to appreciate the animals that live there while they count the baby otters or dragonflies. Their learning will be reinforced as they "squeal" like muskrats and "hop" like frogs. All of this fun learning activity is set to the rhythm of the classical tune of "Over in the Meadow."

ISBN: 9781584693314
Berkes, Marianne
32 270 sec 1-5 3.1 660L Nonfiction
The Mouse and the Meadow
Cover for The Mouse and the Meadow

The Mouse and the Meadow

Author: Wallace, Chad

A young mouse quickly comes of age as he sets out to explore his meadow. There he meets many remarkable creatures. Spider has tangled intentions. Firefly really knows how to put on a show. Mother rabbit is kind. Turtle is wise. Others would have him for lunch! Fortunately, help arrives just in time.

ISBN: 9781584694830
Wallace, Chad
32 646 sec 2-6 5 890L Nonfiction
On Kiki's Reef
Cover for On Kiki's Reef

On Kiki's Reef

Author: Malnor, Carol L.

A tiny baby sea turtle scrambles across the sandy beach and into the sea. Floating far out in the ocean, Kiki is becoming a gentle giant. She swims to shallower water where a rainbow of corals puts on a show. Kiki adopts the busy coral reef as her new home and discovers fish of all sizes and lots of surprises! But something keeps calling her back to the beach . . . and the circle of life continues.

ISBN: 9781584694786
Malnor, Carol L.
32 508 sec 2-6 3.5 700L Nonfiction
The Swamp Where Gator Hides
Cover for The Swamp Where Gator Hides

The Swamp Where Gator Hides

Author: Berkes, Marianne

Under the algae that carpets the swamp, near the duck who paddles in ooze, close to the turtle who takes a snooze . . . hides a gator! Still as a log, only his watchful eyes can be seen. But when gator moves, he really moves! What happens to the duck, the turtle, the egret, the deer, and the many other critters of the swamp when gator makes his move?

ISBN: 9781584694724
Berkes, Marianne
32 249 sec 2-6 680L Nonfiction
The Web at Dragonfly Pond
Cover for The Web at Dragonfly Pond

The Web at Dragonfly Pond

Author: Ellis, Brian

Storyteller Brian "Fox" Ellis draws from his memories of fishing with his father to tell this true tale of a fish, a frog, a dragonfly, a mosquito, and himself. The experience helped mold Fox’s life-long connection with nature, and is a wonderful example of entertainment that also educates.

ISBN: 9781584694427
Ellis, Brian
32 830 sec 3-8 780L Nonfiction
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