myON Produces Measurable Results

Lexile® Framework for Reading

Embedded assessments 

myON provides results to help educators and administrators make decisions based on real-time data. Through our partnership with MetaMetrics, creators of the Lexile® Framework, these key assessments are embedded to easily monitor and measure student reading growth.

  • Lexile placement exam measures initial reading ability (generated automatically when a student logs into the system for the first time) 
  • Lexile benchmark assessments measure reading growth (automatically slated every two weeks when students are reading within the system) 

Educators can schedule a Lexile placement or benchmark assessment quickly and easily if they suspect a student's Lexile level is out of date or incorrect. 

PLUS: Optional end-of-book quizzes that monitor comprehension, inference skills, and higher-order thinking skills also are available.  

Progress monitoring  

Real-time reports include current Lexile® reading level, number of books, pages and words students read, time students spend reading, optional end-of-book quiz results, student reading habits and many other measures of engagement and growth. Students can monitor their own progress. Educators have actionable data to inform instruction. Administrators have aggregated data for program accountability.

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"By engaging in text at their Lexile level, students can build the reading skills necessary for success as they progress through school, and as they look forward to the reading demands of their future academic and professional pursuits."
Malbert Smith III, Ph.D.
President and Co-founder of MetaMetrics
Creators of the Lexile® Framework