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What will it cost to give every student their own digital library?

Imagine providing state-of-the-art personalized learning opportunities for each student with thousands of enhanced digital books available anytime they want or need to read. Unlimited access ensures limitless reading, real-time data reports activity and growth, and cross-curricular connections encourage collaboration.

It’s possible with a standard myON license!
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Please enter the number of buildings in your district.


Why we ask for number of buildings.

myON licenses are available on a per-building basis!

Every student and faculty member will have access to myON 24/7, year-round!

How many students, on average, are in each of the buildings?


Why we ask for number of students.

Each student has their own myON account, providing personalized reading opportunities and visibility into the data that is captured on their reading activity and growth.

Compare myON Personalized Literacy with Average Print-Only Costs

We calculate your return on investment for a basic myON license using the number of school buildings and students you provided here, along with current market values.

The School Library Journal reports the average price of a book for school libraries each year. Currently, the average price of a hardcover book is $19.19.
This number should be used as an indicator for ROI, and not a guarantee of value.

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Please rank your school or district’s digital product or resource usage for independent reading and/or instructional purposes (e.g. students and teaching staff use).