Florida Reads On

Anytime, anywhere reading despite Hurricane Irma 

Kids and families can access thousands of digital books plus daily news articles to read right now.     

This page has been created for families, shelter workers, community volunteers, and others who are helping youngsters through this challenging period.  

Our goal is to help engage, inform and entertain kids—as only a good book can!

Plus daily news articles written just for kids to help put the day's news in perspective. 

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Let's keep kids engaged and learning, even if they're not in school right now 

Here's all you need to know about myON to get started.

  • myON is a digital reading platform offering unlimited access to thousands of books and daily news articles written just for kids, in English and Spanish. 
  • myON is accessible 24/7 and there is no limit to the number of times an individual can read the same book or article, or the number of readers who can be reading the same book or article at the same time 
  • myON is available online on any web-enabled device, wherever WiFi is available 
  • myON is available offline with our free mobile apps 

Logging in is quick and easy
If kids already have myON accounts through their schools, they can follow the directions provided by their teachers to log in and keep reading!  

If kids don't aleady have myON accounts or if they are having difficulty accessing their school accounts, they can follow the directions below to log into a special, shared account now. 

Go to: www.myon.com and click on the "Log in now" button 

Enter the following information on the login screen.

School Name:  Florida Reads On 

Username: myon | Password: myon

Click on the "Submit" button and start reading!  

Offline reading with free mobile apps
You can download up to 20 digital books at a time for offline reading.  
Free mobile apps are available for iPad, Android, Chrome and Kindle Fire HD.  Download tip sheets in English and Spanish for step-by-step instructions.  

 Recommended Reads 

 myON includes several books in English and Spanish that can help kids understand scary weather like hurricanes and help them cope.  

Here are a few titles to get started. Just log into myON and click on the title to open a book from the list below. 

  For PreK-Grade 3  

 Eye of the Storm: A Book About Hurricanes  

El ojo de la tormenta: Un libro sobre huracanes (Eye of the Storm: A Book About Hurricanes)


For Grades 3-6 

The Whirlwind World of Hurricanes with Max Axiom, Super Scientist

 El Clima y el tiempo (Climate and Weather) 

For Grades 6-9

 Investigating Floods     

Huracanes y tornados   


Daily News Articles

Select myON News from the dashboard once you're logged in to read daily news articles in English and Spanish, written just for kids and reviewed by a child psychologist. 

Book of the Day 

Check daily for a recommended book tied to an observance or other theme.

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