Indiana Reads with myON!

Students are logging into myON all year long!    

myON is a student-centered, personalized literacy environment for PreK-Grade 12 that supports self-directed independent reading and teacher-directed instruction. 

Here are some of the ways students throughout Indiana are learning to read and loving to read with the myON personalized literacy environment. 

Migrant Education Program 

Indiana's Migrant Education Program partnership with myON is the result of an insightful vision that provides equitable access to all migrant learners across the state, regardless of their geographical location.

Educators incorporate myON digital texts and daily news articles to enhance reading and writing instruction during the regular school year, as well as during summer programs throughout the state. 

Read IDOE's announcement. 

  21st Century Community Learning Centers 

Several of Indiana's 21st Century Community Learning Centers began implementing myON in 2011 to help them achieve academic goals for literacy, including the state mandate that all students should be reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade or face retention (IREAD-3).

Program directors report that myON engages their students, supports family involvement and provides actionable data to inform instruction. 

Read the Hoosier Uplands Afterschool Program Spotlight.  

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