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Daily news for K-8 learners

myON News, powered by News-O-Matic, delivers developmentally appropriate content, based upon current events, in a year-round daily news feed within the myON literacy ecosystem.

  • Every news article is written for K-8 students and reviewed by a child psychologist.
  • Articles are available in English and Spanish, with recorded audio, and presented at three Lexile(R) levels.
  • Individual articles incorporate links to authentic multimedia resources and books within myON to further student understanding and exploration of topics. 
  • Articles are written to engage and empower learners with timely authoritative information in an accessible format, supporting digital and media literacy.    
  • Real-time monitoring of student reading is captured seamlessly within myON with engagement reports transparently available to students and educators.  
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Companion resources and supports

Multimedia resources

Each article includes engaging multimedia like videos and photo galleries to help students better understand the news. 

Links to digital books

All articles are accompanied by a short list of myON books to support further exploration into topics of interest.


Supports for all learners  

Every article is presented in English and Spanish, with audio supports, at 3 different Lexile(R) levels (400–660L, 600–750L, and 750–1050L).   

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Fosters engagement and empowerment

Meaningful content 

Real news items are delivered daily, drawn from current events and written for kids, along with a map that shows where news is occurring relative to the reader. 

Fosters media literacy 

Authoritative and factual reporting of the news helps students learn and engage in meaningful ways. 

Student engagement monitoring 

Students can monitor their own activity, and reports for faculty and administrators include information on which articles are most popular with students.

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