Digital library access available at home

A new interactive-literacy program that provides elementary school students access to digital books launched this month at three Ardmore elementary schools thanks to a recent partnership and support from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.
Ardmore City Schools has teamed up with the National Center for Families Learning in hopes to improve elementary school literacy levels and reach children after they leave school each day.
Through the grant, 110 iPad Apple devices were purchased for two schools, and first- through fifth-graders at Jefferson, Lincoln and Charles Evans elementary schools are becoming subscribers to MyOn, a digital library program that students can access outside of the classroom.
Additionally, parents have the opportunity to attend a training session that will introduce reading strategies and tips for reading with their children using the MyOn program.
School leaders say they hope the new program will engage students to read after school with a parent.
"With the new Reading Sufficiency Act in effect, I cannot stress how important it is that students get help at home and read at home," says Ellen Patty, Lincoln Elementary School principal. "The saying 'it takes a village,' it truly does."
Under the Reading Sufficiency Act, third-grade students who score "unsatisfactory," or the lowest 25 percent, on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test in April will be retained the following school year.

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