Read. Grow. Repeat

How one school district in Georgia is creating motivated readers and learners through their strategy for digital transformation—and saving significant time and money in the process.

By Teri Harris

Reading is the critical foundation for every student’s success in school, and subsequently their careers, but improving literacy education has been an ongoing challenge. For far too long, far too many students, particularly those from historically disadvantaged groups, have fallen below basic reading levels. Additionally, the gap between text complexity in K-12 education and college continues to widen.

More needs to be done to accelerate improvement. The good news is that there’s never before been such potential for educational transformation as there is today with the growth and accessibility of digital learning content. 

Digital reading platforms offer the versatility for schools to efficiently and effectively individualize instruction for all students and improve learning. These platforms can result in greater motivation to read, less social stigmatism, increased literacy gains, and cost reductions at the district budget level. 

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