Longmeadow Public Schools students with technology &

As reported by the The Reminder back to school issue:

Longmeadow Public Schools

Doyle said her district is moving toward one-to-one computing on the high school level this school year by allowing students to bring their own devices. Students who do not have a device at their disposal will have access to equipment at school.

“We will also be introducing more textbooks with an online component [at the high school],” Doyle said. “We have both a science book and a math book where there will be online learning attached to the textbook.”

She noted the advantage of texts with online components is that a student can access additional material wherever he or she is, “on an iPhone, or at home.”

She added that the district was really going to evaluate the increased use of technology on the high school level before introducing more tech-based learning in the lower grades.

The district will also be introducing a new online individualized reading program for students in kindergarten through grade eight, called MYON this school year. The program, Doyle explained, conducts a reading skill and interest assessment of each participant, generating a listing of books that should fit the student’s skill and interest.

“I’m particularly excited about the interest inventory because it will direct [these students] to a plethora of books,” Doyle said. “The more interested they are, the more they will read.”