myON Madness

Sports isn't the only arena where reliable stats make all the difference!  

Access to real-time, reliable data on student reading activity and growth is as important to educators — and students themselves — as stats are to athletes.

myON measures reading with reading and delivers real-time data on student engagement and growth. This progress monitoring informs instruction and enables students to take ownership over their own learning, which is key to their success as readers and learners!    

Here's how we do it:  

  • First, we engage students in reading by providing unlimited, 24/7 access to a vast digital library containing thousands of authentic fiction and nonfiction texts, in a variety of genres and formats, plus daily news articles written just for kids. 
  • Then, we capture student reading activity seamlessly, while students are reading, and monitor their growth through embedded Lexile(R) assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes.
  • Finally, we make all of this data available in real-time to students, their teachers and administrators.  

Student Profile Snapshot 

Student Profile includes at-a-glance information on individual student reading activity Students can access at-a-glance information on their reading activity within their myON accounts.

Educators can print and share these individual student profiles with students and their families, supporting those important home-school connections. 

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Reports for Educators and Administrators  

12 myON reports measure reading activity and growth.

Educators can set goals for students, then monitor reading activity and growth within the myON environment. 

Through a series of 12 reports, educators can retrieve customized information on student progress in these key categories: Usage and Proficiency, Growth Over Time, and Habits and Trends.

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See how myON measures reading with reading


Using Data and Reports to Improve Student Engagement and Inform Reading Instruction  

If you missed the live session on March 12, you can view the recording at any time by clicking on the button below.

Learn how data can help personalize learning and differentiate reading instruction to accelerate student growth, understand single data points vs. trends in data, what influences data points and how to chart growth. Presented by Alistair Van Moere, Ph.D., Chief Product Officer for MetaMetrics, developers of the Lexile(R) Framework for Reading. Participants earn CE certificates. 

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DIY Contest Kit

myON offers educators DIY kits to create their own fun, themed contests and challenges. Our kit includes an editable contest poster, bracket template and student certificates. 


Get reliable data on student reading!