STEM Alignment

STEM education begins early

Educators understand that STEM education begins early, with the wonder of a young child discovering the increasingly larger world around him or her. If nurtured, this natural curiosity can extend throughout a lifetime.  Research shows that one of the greatest challenges facing the United States today is attracting students who would not otherwise gravitate to STEM careers towards those fields.


myON supports STEM, beginning with the youngest learner enjoying his or her first digital book about baby animals from the lap of a parent. That adult may have turned on the naturally-recorded audio so that both can enjoy the nuanced text together regardless of the adult's reading proficiency.




myON continues to support STEM throughout a child's education: myON's STEM resources for upper grades provide learners with safe experiential activities to explore and practice content.   



myON includes a range of topics and genres – from illustrated and picture books to chapter books, graphic novels, literary non-fiction, photo and informational texts spanning multiple eras and cultures –  many of which reflect STEM principles, profile inventors and other STEM role models, and introduce novel approaches and thought processes.

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Science Literacy with myON: Connecting the Next Generation Science Standards with STEM!

 NGSS alignments

More than 3,000 titles on myON are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards for K-8. 
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Project-based learning units 

Project-based learning units for STEM and other key curriculum areas are included with every myON subscription. 
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